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Some thoughts on the IndaPlant Project _ Allison Scherer

The IndaPlant is best described by its creators as a “FloraBorg.” It is a “half-plant, half-robot” which can essentially roam freely to seek out its needs. The robotic mechanisms of this futuristic flora are designed to detect and migrate to sources of water and light. This gives the plants the ability to position themselves in spaces where they have maximum potential for life. Though they still cannot dispense their own water from a jug, or open a window shade, these plants have roots that allow them to roam, which is a step up if you’re a plant! The subject of this piece is intriguing and I’d be interested to see what other types of eco-technology arise from this project.

The IndaPlant might represent the ever growing disparity of a new generation versus the old. As environmental awareness trends it seems only natural to link technology and ecology. Our generation carries the guilt and the load (literally) of the prior generation’s wasteful ways. This eco-technical houseplant seems like a huge step in the coexistence of nature and technology. It seems our duty to “help the plants” because we’ve spent decades hurting them. I also think the fact that the plant has to wait around for a human to let it drink is a little sad and twisted in a certain way. It is showing how much the plant needs humans in this environment, in spite of being able to have some control over its well-being. It is almost an animal in the zoo situation. Might it be happier outside where water just falls on it? Where it’s roots can stretch to the water that it senses beneath the dirt? And the light shines in its natural order? Either way, the concept of this piece, allows nature an opportunity to participate in its own nurture is quite fascinating.

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